McDonald's Music reaches the UK....


51bcygc59ml._ss400_.jpgThe reigning kings of pop,  Westlife have recently released their ninth studio album 'Back Home,' which includes their version of 'I'm Already There.'  Lonestar's version of the Richie McDonald, Frank Myers, Gary Baker penned song hit number one on the Billboard charts and held the top spot for six weeks in 2001. 'Back Home' was released through Syco Music/SonyBMG in the UK.  

Westlife’s new album ‘Back Home’, entered the UK charts at No.1 last November,  providing the band with their seventh UK No.1 album and spending eight weeks in the Top 10.  

To hear a sound clip of Westlife's version you can visit and check out the cut-by-cut of 'Back Home' for comments and sound clips.   You can find 'Back Home' on