Slow Down
Released December 2010

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I Turn To You
Released June 2008

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richiexmasalbum.jpg If Every Day Could Be Christmas [2009]
"If Every Day Could Be Christmas" features several original Christmas compositions, including "Coming Home For Christmas," "Peterbilt Sleigh,"...Why Santa's Fat" and "Christmas In New York," as well as holiday classics such as "White Christmas," "Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "O Holy Night" and "The Christmas Song."


tlonestarmountains-23054.jpg Mountains [2006]
Inspirational power ballads with soaring harmonies dominate the ninth album by this veteran Texas quartet. Whether singing of the everyday, character-building challenges faced by ordinary folks in the title track, celebrating the comforts of domestic bliss in "Nothing to Prove," or thanking a higher power in "Hey God," much of the material has a thematic uplift that matches the music.


tlonestarcominghome-23048.jpg Coming Home [2005]
Coming Home finds them digging deep for new dimensions in their music, cutting loose with a new attitude of fun and pushing their performances into fresh new country-rockin' territory.


tlonestarletsbeus-23052.jpg Let's Be Us Again [2004]
Toward the end of the '90s, Lonestar decided to move firmly into the mainstream of contemporary country, leaving behind any hardcore country influences they may have had in favor of sweet anthemic ballads and poppy country-rockers. In essence, they picked up where Alabama left off,


tlonestargh-23050.jpg From There To Here - Greatest Hits [2003]


tlonestarimalreadythere-23051.jpg I'm Already There [2001]


tlonestarthisxmastime-23055.jpg This Chrismas Time [2000]


tlonestarlonelygrill-23053.jpg Lonely Grill [1999]


tlonestarcrazynights-23049.jpg Crazy Nights [1997]


tlonestar-23046.jpg Lonestar [1995]